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Rapid Repair actually started about 12 years ago in a marina on the St.Croix River in Minnesota where Darin and his wife Tania kept their Carver boat. Darin was a home builder at the time but loved tinkering with boats and RVs. And since they had both it was also out of necessity that he learned how to repair them. while they were spending time at their boat at the marina Darin was always involved in other peoples boat and RV projects. Later as they started spending their time in the Florida Keys, word got out in the community where they stayed that Darin works on boats and RVs he ended up spending non boating days, usually due to wind, working on boats and RVs. In 2013 Darin and Tania made the decision to pack up and move to the Keys and pursue this business named Rapid Repair. Now from the start the name "Rapid Repair" was exactly the intention. Unfortunately with the demand for marine and RV repair being so high here in the Keys the "Rapid" part is very hard to maintain...But we do our best, and now with the addition of our middle son, Hunter, we will hopefully be able to keep up with the high demand. 

        After getting his ABYC certification, Hunter moved here from North Carolina with his wife Kaitlyn and their daughter Harbor in February of 2021. Hunter immediately started working with his dad Darin and immediately they noticed that they could get a lot more accomplished in a day. Hunter clearly loves the technical and electrical side of Marine and RV repair which he hopes to expand on with the opening of their Marina location on Ramrod Key in June of 2021. Hunter has also been spending a lot of his time on parts and parts inventory management which is streamlining our parts look up and locating process. Moving our parts inventory from plastic bins in our trailer, which was working ok, to a large shipping container with shelving and inventory containers has made a huge difference over all. check out the video of Day 2 setting up container. 

Thank you for checking us out and we hope that when you are in need of Marine repair that you give us a call at 305-440-2410   

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